Tango Salida De Sol


Carlos Churi Lee

Seoul, Korea

Carlos LEE is a Milonguero, Instructor, Renowned Professional DJ and certainly one of the most popular DJs in Korea & Asia since he returned from Buenos Aires where he lived from 2004-2009. Carlos loves Tango deeply. During his 5-year stint in B.A., he immersed himself in studying tango history at Centro Educativo del Tango de Buenos Aires “CETBA” & Academia Nacional del Tango. From 2005-2009, he was under the pupilage of Carlos Puente, one of the most influential historians of Golden Age Tango and maker of 78 RPM series & D’Arienzo 70 anniversary series.

In B. A., Carlos DJ’d Sundays at the very traditional milonga “Lujos,” known as Maipu 444. He was also the DJ for the “Gran Milonga” of National Tango Day in B.A. in 2007 & 2008. Since returning to Asia, Carlos has shared his love and passion for tango with Asia, and he has left his mark in all the cities he has played in.

From 2010 Carlos runs a very successful Tango Club “Ataniche” which is famous for Wed’s milonga “Juntos” in Seoul in addition to holding regular classes for “DJ club” and “Music club” @ Ataniche.

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